Internships at Bee IT Hive: What to Expect When You Apply for Internship at Bee IT

By Sonja Tatarin Ragaji

Our team is small but carefully selected. Currently our Bee IT hive has 34 members and, as our CEO and Co-Founder Zoran Tovarloža said in his recent blog post  about Bee IT’s New Year’s resolutions, we do not plan to stop growing. 

In 2019 we expanded to US and UK markets. Our plan is to strengthen our relationship with existing clients and build trust with new clients in the years to come. This is why we are certain we will need more colleagues in our team. 

We are laser-focused on making our employees happy and satisfied while providing them with a number of learning and development opportunities that should help them do their best at work. Plus, our senior developers are always there to help out and train our junior staff, and our junior developers are happy to share their knowledge with our ambitious and prospective interns. On top of this, we like investing in further education of our people.


Who Can Be a Bee IT Hives’ Intern


Anyone can apply for a technical/developer internship at our company. In other words, you don’t have to be a student to do an internship. However, candidates should fulfill certain conditions in terms of minimum necessary technical knowledge. It is assessed according to biography insights or during a technical interview.     


What you can expect from Bee IT internship


Our internship programmes last three weeks. Our interns usually work in PHP/Drupal and Javascript technologies.

Sometimes we send out learning material to interns to help them get ready for practice and we also give them some advice on how they can improve their work.

Internship at Bee IT includes independent work on an intern project supervised by a mentor for the whole duration of the internship. Do note that internship isn’t a type of a course or training. Although a mentor is constantly present, we encourage independence when it comes to solving problems with only periodical consultations with the mentor. The mentor monitors the work of the intern and gives him or her tasks on a regular basis. Then, the results of the completed assignments are evaluated. Most importantly, our interns receive feedback from their mentor, or best practices tips for future work both during and at the end of the internship programme


Experiences of Our Interns


Bojan Lazić


In March 2017 Bojan did a backend internship. But shortly after that, he switched to frontend, in which he turned out to be very successful.

“I can freely say that both my and my mentor’s expectations were fulfilled during my internship at Bee IT. Therefore I was pretty sure I would continue to work here. Since then I have gained various experiences, met and worked with a large number of people and had a chance to work on big e-commerce sites. I find this interesting because communication with so many people on a daily basis was not so frequent when I was a freelancer. But in the end written communication plays a major role when it comes to important issues and reference for decision making. I can say that there are many good mentors and colleagues in Bee IT who are always ready to help one another.“


Ljiljana Desančić


Ljiljana has been a part of our hive since February 2019. When she started her internship as an undergraduate of Higher Education Technical School of Professional Studies in Novi Sad. At that time, she didn’t expect she would stay working here. 

In June 2019 she became a regular employee in our company.  Although she has been working in our company for a relatively short period of time, she successfully finished the projects she had been working on and has even been a mentor to four of our interns since October 2019. Two of them, Marko Radojković and Marijan Bijelić, became our employees after their internship ended as well. 

Ljiljana Desancic

                                                                                                        Ljiljana Desančić


“The most memorable moment I experienced during the practice is definitely the collaboration with my colleagues because they had all been very nice to me. From the beginning I had a good relationship with my mentor Nebojša Pejnović. He gave me constructive criticism and advice when necessary, which I still apply today. The best advice they gave me was to search for the information I need myself and rely on my knowledge in problem-solving situations instead of expecting other experienced colleagues to solve my problems. Every person learns the most while doing their own research and making their own mistakes. Nevertheless, if there was an area I couldn’t handle or something I didn’t understand, he has always helped me.”

“During my studies I wasn’t sure if I had chosen the right study program and, therefore,  my future job. From the very first moment I entered Bee IT, with these people and working exactly this job-I have realised that choosing the job of software developer was a great decision! This is definitely a job and environment where I believe I can reach my maximum potential and advance in my career.”

“Internship helps develop experience, not only regarding technical knowledge, but also when it comes to teamwork and communication with colleagues. These three factors are equally important for professional and personal development.“


Nevena Dovičin


Let me introduce you to one of Bee IT’s interns who took part in an internship programme in summer 2019. 

“My first real contact with frontend happened during the internship program I was doing here at Bee IT where I used ReactJS and GatsbyJS. From the very beginning of the internship I have had an extremely good relationship with my mentor Bojan Lazić, who still monitors my work today. I like consulting him whenever I face some problem because he always gives me constructive advice. Honestly, during the internship I secretly hoped I would get a job here and I am very happy I've got that opportunity. I wanted to work here primarily because I like the pleasant atmosphere at Bee IT, as well as because of my colleagues and constant opportunity to learn, thrive and develop personally and professionally.“


Nevena Dovicin

                                                                                                     Nevena Dovičin 


Marijan Bijelić


Marijan Bijelić, a student at the final year at the Faculty of Technical Science in Novi Sad, the department of Software and Information technologies joined our company as an intern from late November until mid-December last year. 

“The colleague I worked on various projects with while studying applied for an internship in Bee IT, and eventually got the job. This colleague suggested that I should apply for an internship in this company, too. Since our mentors in Bee IT were satisfied with our performance during the internship programme, both of us were offered a job opportunity and, today, we again have the opportunity to work together. From the very beginning of my internship I really liked the completely relaxing but still busy atmosphere here at Bee IT, as well as the way the company works. That’s why I would really like my next job to be as fulfilling and inspirational as this one“. 

Marijan has invested tremendous effort and dedication, and his wish is fulfilled. Today we are very lucky to call him our colleague. He is interested in learning as many technologies as possible and expanding his knowledge. 


Marijan Bijelic

                                                                                                          Marijan Bijelić


Dušan Rađenović


We would proudly like to introduce you to Dušan Rađenović, an undergraduate at the department of Computing and Control Engineering, the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad. He joined our team as an intern in December 2019. 

As his internship drove to a close, I spoke with Dušan to exchange our thoughts and impressions. During his internship, in agreement with his mentor Ljiljana Desančić, he did an internal project while using Drupal and PHP technologies. 

“Before my internship at Bee IT I had never before met these technologies. PHP is similar to programming languages I learned in college. Drupal and content management systems are the technologies I had never experienced before, and this was the first time I encountered them. The learning material I was given before the beginning of the internship program was very useful for me. Combining these tutorials with a specific task/assignment helped me a lot to learn a number of new useful things I would definitely apply in future projects I will work on.”

Despite having no experience with the aforementioned technologies, Dušan successfully completed the task much before the deadline! We wish Dušan the best of luck and success in his future endeavors


.Dusan Radjenovic

                                                                                                      Dušan Rađenović

Do Bee IT experiences look attractive to you? Feel free to contact us :)

One of the best ways to feel the youthful and vibrant atmosphere of Bee IT is to arrange an appointment, come and have a coffee, tea or a beer with us. We are always ready to meet new people, answer all the questions and present our company as well as what we do in the best possible light. 

If you would like to be a part of our hive, feel free to apply for an internship program or a job by sending us your biography at

You can follow our open job positions here . Even if a position that fits your interests and qualifications is not currently open, you can  send us your CV. We will store it in our database and contact you as soon as the opportunity for employment arises. 

We would be glad to meet you and possibly have you as a member of our hive :)

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Internships at Bee IT Hive: What to Expect When You Apply for Internship at Bee IT

Our team is small but carefully selected. Currently our Bee IT hive has 34 members and, as our CEO and Co-Founder Zoran Tovarloža said in his recent blog post about Bee IT’s New Year’s resolutions, we do not plan to stop growing. Read More...